What Matt Levine writes about (or, The Rise and Fall of WeWork and GameStop)

There exists a fantastic newsletter called Money Stuff by this brilliant writer called Matt Levine. I seriously cannot overstate how much I love reading it – it’s truly amazing. It’s not just me, lots of other people like it too. You should read it!

Recently, I was idly wondering about the topics Matt Levine writes about in Money Stuff. I thought it would be interesting to see because of how they sort of reflect trends in Finance news. I had some free time on my hands in between jobs and I decided to find out!

Circular Dependencies in Software (and Lockdowns)

A few weeks ago, I was watching some informative system design talks at work. One of the topics discussed was circular dependencies in distributed systems. In particular, I learnt something I found fascinating: if your system has a hard circular dependency, you can never reboot it!

Context-aware Autoescaping in Go

I’ve been working with server-side generated HTML for several years now, and the problem of code injection into HTML pages has been pervasive. A couple of days back, I discovered something fantastic that Go has built right into the standard library to help with this: context-aware autoescaping in HTML templates.